Lynx Place Ru Maine Coon cattery  Lynx Place Ru Maine Coon cattery

 Shantys Blackout Bounty, Ch. ZZ Top of Gentle Lions Ch. ZZ Top of Gentle Lions СН Summerplace Joker Jack Ch. Never Mind Radio Ga Ga Eur.Ch. Sebasco Daker Devito of Alwaro pedigree, Top Coon Caruso Pedigree, photos MCO Summerplace Joker Jack - blue-tabby-classic. Born: 08 december 2008 year.
Father: Summerplace Uncle Sam; Mother: Summerplace Charming Lady Gr.Int.Ch. Langstteich Ca Power Pepper Langstteich Calvin Maine Coon cattery, photos, kittens ZZ Top of Gentle Lions





Summerplace Uncle Sam

black tabby classic

Shantys Hijacker

red tabby classic

Shantys Blackout Bounty *DK

MCO n 22

Eur. Ch WW?00 Hopeless Tribes
Hurricane Cooler
MCO n 09 23


Mountaineers Queen Victoria *DK
MCO n 22

Glowcoons Ballarina *S

blue torbie classic

Willoplace Paladin
MCO a 22

Cozy Farm Whitney Houston *DK
cream tabby classic

Latoya of Koi Pond

blue tabby classic

Gr. Eur. Ch. Undercover of Koi Pond

black tabby classic

Gr.Int.Ch.Jerry of Koi Pond
black tabby classic white

Ch. Emmely of Koi Pond
black tabby classic

Fae of KoiPond

black torbie white

Ch. Zampano of Kopi Pond
cream smoke white

Fools Garden Alison
black torbie


Summerplace Charming Lady
Summerplace Charming Lady, MCO



Summerplace Amarillo

black tabby classic


Spitzaeckers Robin


Ch, Gr. TICA-Ch. Macavity Gatsby
black tabby classic

Witchcats Artic Stormsong

Summerplace Virginia
black tabby classic

Ch. /US Ch.Witchcats Sergeant Pepper
blue smoke

Queeny of Summerplace
black tabby classic

Summerplace Oklahoma

black tabby classic



Top Coon Caruso

black silver tabby classic

Ch. ZZ Top of Gentle Lions *CZ
MCO ns 22

Ch. Anya Avica Wictoria Top Coon
MCO n 09 22

ElDorados Nelly Yattu

black tabby classic

Int. Ch. Big Geronimo of ElDorado
MCO n 23

Hakada of ElDorado
black tabby classic

Last updated: 09.10.17

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